Notes On Duration, 2012 - ongoing

archive of light







The slide projection Notes on Duration refers to the inventory of passing moments of incident light, both as a historical record and as an interposition that distorts relations between time and space. The artist has measured and documented actual silhouettes as they are reflected into the Museum of Photography throughout the day, creating a narrative that plays with the real-time natural light in the room and the subtle intervention of other silhouettes recorded from the neighbouring architecture and reconstructed from historical photographs of the museum. The resulting map casts light as its actor, outlining the shapes of incidents in time - not only as an alter-geography of urban flux but also as an elusive dialogue between presence and absence.
(Text by Akiko Bernhöft, curator of „Mit der Spur beginnen“, Museum of Photographie, Berlin, 2013)




(installations views at Museum of Photography, Berlin, 2013)




(Notes On Duration, archive of light, light mask Nr. 25-36, (slide frame, photo card board, acrylic glass, screws)


(Notes On Duration. Nr. 3, Nr. 8, Nr. 28, Nr. 38, 2014. photo edition, Fine-Art-Prints)