Tokyo, September 2015

Installation instructions for A.I.,

Lurch (one third is the absence of the other two)

cup, paper (176 × 250 mm)

duration: unknown

Place the blue paper on your window bench, (It is the left window bench, when you look outside to the city.)

— the upper right paper corner pointing towards direction North.

Place a cup of yours (a choice of your own or preferred the black one which we had coffee from on Thursday September 10th) on the paper,

— in the way that two thirds of the cup bottom area are positioned on the paper,

& one third of the bottom area of the cup should be on the shelf. (positioned on the fold of the paper)

Do not move, neither touch this combination of the two objects until you will have to move out of your flat.

That very day, please put back the cup to the others and keep the paper.