Everything Is Not Lost, 2016

628 beads made from wood re-purposed from found objects

12.88 meters length




For Everything Is Not Lost, Nina Schuiki collected discarded and abandoned wood from various sites in Austria, Germany, and China, turning the original function of a window frame or piece of furniture into hundreds of wooden beads. These beads are threaded into a looped chain that spans the height of the space, creating an expanded scale that references the earliest function of such beads as a measurement of time.
Time here occurs as a form of counting one by one and the passing of time itself. Through the material transformation, objects lose their original reference and find themselves as ongoing markers in an allegory on the notions of mourning and melancholy. Benjamin traces this allegory towards profound knowledge and understanding as an inconsistent timespace negotiating between then and now.



( installation view at Space Station Gallery, Bejing, 2016)