Endless Candle, 2017

wax, wick, 118 cm diameter






(within the exhibition Who Lives Lovers, Gotische Halle Graz, 2017)


Nina Schuiki's wax ring encloses the angled column, embracing the historical stone architecture with a soft material. In a playful and profound way, the ring clings to the weighty space as if it had just been tossed over the column as in a children's game. The wax is poured on site by the artist on the stone floor directly around the column, like an endless candle with neither a beginning nor an end. At the same time, the wick embedded inside the candle becomes functionless, missing the possibility to be lit and therefore only opening up as a point of reflection. Meaningfulness and infinitude flicker between the transcience of things and the temporality of place, adding another layer of symbolism to the artist's site-conditioned gesture. (...)

Excerpt from the text In the space between Julia Katharina Thiemann, 2017




Installation view within "Space Coordinates", WNTRP - Wentrup Gallery, 2018 (photo: Trevor Good)