Condensation Modernism, 2014

water, heating element, instruction manual for gallery attendant






Nina Schuiki‘s work Condensation Modernism (2014) covers the windows of Bruch & Dallas Gallery with water steam. A common defect of many german post-war architecture is a lack of air circulation, due to faster construction and cheap materials, which often leads to water condensation on windows. Schuiki makes use of this phenomena (referring to Hans Haacke‘s Condensation Cube, 1963) to fill the exhibition space for the time of opening hours with water vapor. An instruction for the Gallery attendants defines that this action is repeated continuously. Nina Schuiki connects through this intervention the space to the outside , with a sign of pretended activity or presence , whether visitors are in the exhibition or not, we always suspect life behind condensed windows.

(Text by Nico Anklam, curator; within "Flüchtiges" at Bruch & Dallas, Cologne)